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Heart Decisions, A Novella, NOW AVAILABLE!

This past week saw the release of my second book, a short novella called Heart Decisions, published by Alien Buddha Press. I’m proud of this story for a number of reasons. For starters, though short by novella standards, it is thus far the longest story I’ve had published. Also, I feel like I’d been having trouble writing anything not in the first-person present tense (I blame you, Bret Easton Ellis), and I bucked that with this. And, looking back on the process of writing it, I’m pleased with my ability to rework what wasn’t working, and that I was able to disregard my original intentions and completely change the setting; it was originally set in a Shyamalan “Village”-like commune (RIP William Hurt), and alligators weren’t even a part of it. Finally, there was the moment when I realized that it was likely too long for a nobody like me to have published in a journal, leading to the decision to publish it as a stand-alone novelette. It’s gratifying to reach these small sorts of milestones.

Signed copies of Heart Decisions can be purchased directly from me (, Twitter @JP_Britton, etc), or from the publisher via Amazon. I profit somewhat from Amazon sales, so don’t feel too guilty about that. And if you haven’t picked up a copy of Tadpoles yet, please do so! Small discount when purchasing both through me, save on shipping, etc…

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