Published Works

May/June 2020

A convicted pedophile, who may or may not have done it, has moved in next door. His neighbor reluctantly becomes his friend and is inadvertently isolated from the rest of the neighborhood.


Even years later Danny doesn’t know why his parents split up. Maybe it was the dog’s fault. Kindle only.

Twenty Years of Futility, self-published

Spring 2019

I grew up a Pirates fan in Western, NY, during the Pirates’ twenty years losing streak and a Yankees dynasty. It sucked. Told in twenty (very) short chapters.

October 2017

A labor of love about the spaghetti western genre, Ennio Morricone’s music for those films, and the ways Quentin Tarantino reuses much of that music in his films.

Unearthing, Creativity Webzine


On the day of a local school shooting, Tom digs up a dead body during a landscaping project in his pregnant girlfriend’s backyard.
I love this story, but the layout on this website is dreadful, so I encourage you to click here instead.


Sequel to “I’m Too Good For This”. Drew has put his dreams of becoming an orchestral trombonist on hold when he reluctantly takes a job playing polkas and waltzes at the European-themed amusement park, Seven Gardens. Drew is given one hour to rehearse the chicken dance with their new and unqualified trumpet player, problematic when the trumpet player disappears and no one else in the bands cares. Further complicating matters, Trish is on a quest and is convinced that her husband Travis, the Seven Gardens drummer, is cheating on her with one of the dances, and tries to talk Drew into spying on them for her.

March 2016

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February 2016

Brad is bigger and stronger than Nick, and much more handy with a chainsaw. He’s hiding out in Nick’s living room, along with his nine-month-old daughter, convinced that a hit man is after him following a landscaping accident.

January 2016

Trapped in a tree during the zombie apocalypse with a girl he’s known for only a short time, the narrator recollects the events leading to climbing up the tree, and brainstorms how to get down.

Fall 2015

Creative non-fiction about orchestral auditions, and first chapter in a book of musician stories I’m working on.

June 2015

After the death of his pregnant wife, a series of violent episodes land Jason in an institution. Months later he struggles to prove he is fit to take care of his two-year-old son.


April 2015

The story of a spider’s resiliency as it refuses to be whisked off the car windshield despite eighty-miles-per-hour winds, interspersed with autobiographical spider anecdotes.
This was published as part of a to-remain-nameless journal’s debut launch which immediately folded and of which all evidence has disappeared.

Tadpoles, Steam Ticket, Vol. 17

Spring 2014

Two eight-year-old boys build a fort in the woods, dig holes, and concoct a get-rich-quick scheme to sell tadpoles to pet stores.
Print only.

Igor Stravinsky’s In Memoriam Dylan Thomas: A Brief History and Analysis, Journal of the International Trombone Association, vol. 14 no. 2

April 2013

Of interest primarily to trombonists and music theorists, and even then…
Print only.